Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaas) is a continuous organized process of discovering, prioritizing and fixing vulnerabilities in your IT client's environment.

Getting a handle on vulnerability management in order to protect your company and customers can be an overwhelming task that requires many resources, time and money.

Every time devices are connected to the internet, they are at risk of a zero day or emerging threat exploiting an unknown vulnerability or stealing sensitive data.  Security vulnerabilities that go unaddressed are the most common reason for costly data breaches.  Managing thousands of critical patches is to minimize vulnerabilities and protecting your sensitive data is the key to securing your high-value data assets.

The dynamic nature of today’s threat and vulnerability landscape means endpoints, mobile devices, servers, firewall, cloud services, networks and sensitive data are at risk.  The constantly changing nature of your devices and data requires that more than ever, you need a robust solution to minimize exposure and potential breaches.

from start to finish, Choice CyberSecurity can simplify and manage the entire vulnerability management process for your clients.

Change comes from understanding and we leverage the best scanning tools in the world to perform risk assessments and identify vulnerabilities and quickly remediate them.

Choice CyberSecurity’s Vulnerability Management as a Service doesn’t stop there because neither does the threat.  We continuously manage your environment with a comprehensive approach that will solve your patch management issues, identify sensitive personal data (PII) and meet your PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, ISO27001 and NIST compliance requirements.

In depth reporting is on hand to provide a full overview of your vulnerability status, empowering you with performance and trends as improvement are made over time. This will help you measure your reduced risk and provide proof of compliance.

As a fully managed solution we take away the need for expensive skilled analysts with our team of experts who will identify and remediate new security threats on an ongoing basis.

Choice CyberSecurity will manage your vulnerabilities, mitigate your risk, meet compliance and improve your security posture in a single managed service. 

So whether you are looking to meet best practices or a specific compliance we can help you manage your risk so you can focus on what’s important your business. Vulnerability Management is just one aspect of a total security and compliance solution.