There is no silver bullet for preventing Cyber Security attacks, however a layered approach to security with continuous monitoring, real time alerts and skilled analysts is the key to protecting your business. 

The equipment and staff required to achieve this level of protection is expensive and would be unrealistic for a smaller company to implement and support.

After years of development there is now an affordable all in one Security and Compliance cloud based solution that doesn’t need expensive onsite hardware. It includes a fully staffed security operations center with top-level security analysts continuously monitoring your systems.


Under our management, resource intensive auditing and logging reports are generated on demand to provide a snapshot of your environment in order to meet your compliance needs allowing you to save time and money. Through our solution, logs are saved in the cloud for as long as necessary to meet best practices and regulatory compliance.

Our trained security team is able to detect and prevent security breaches before they happen. Behavioral analysis is leveraged to identify abnormal behavior on your network. Up to date threat intelligence databases are used to identify real-time threats and provide an early warning system against ransomware and other malware on your systems. If suspicious activity is detected, an alert will be immediately generated to report any unauthorized changes.

In the event of a problem we will proactively alert you of the issue, and work with you and your team to remediate the problem. We conduct a weekly threat review with complete reporting to keep you informed on the heath and safety of your network.

Choice Cybersecurity is a full service affordable service solution, that will provide you piece of mind and a constant surveillance of your overall IT systems.


Compliance and Best Practices