How can you tell if your business is at risk of a cyber attack?

Businesses in all industries care about their risk of cyber attack, and many need to meet strict standards of compliance and best practices.

And yet, despite all the warnings and media coverage…
Most businesses:

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Aren't fully covered in either security or compliance


They are generally unaware of the many vulnerabilities that need to be protected


Do not have a structured risk and vulnerability plan

The Choice CyberSecurity Comprehensive Risk Assessment reveals vulnerabilities across all businesses and industries.


It's only a matter of time...

Your business is always at risk of a cyber attack


The problem for most companies is 2-fold:

  1. Lack of knowledge about all the possible vulnerabilities and threats
  2. Lack of ability to achieve complete and continuing security

360 security starts with a Baseline Risk Assessment

Your Choice CyberSecurity assessment reveals—maybe for the first time—all the vulnerabilities and gaps that need to be addressed across your entire network and data, including:


Internal & External Vulenrabilities.png

Internal & External Vulnerability Scans

This reveals holes and exploits in your perimeter and systems that make it possible for an outsider to access your network

Pii - updates.png

Data Scan

We explore your files to uncover sensitive PII and ePHI data that can potentially be compromised.

Active & Passive.png

Active Vulnerability
& Network Asset Scans

A deep look into your systems (hardware, software and data) to get a full picture of your vulnerabilities.

Dark Web.png

Dark Web Scan

A search to identify any stolen credentials on illegal, black-market sites as well as private and public networks and forums.

vendor analysis.png

Primary Vendor Discovery

We observe how your organization works with your top 10 vendors to ensure that your data is protected by the resources you trust most.

control framework.png

Control Framework

Develop a structure to organize security and compliance, so that every team member and every department is on the same page.

Maximize Security with our Comprehensive Security & Compliance Assessment

Choice CyberSecurity offers the industry's most comprehensive risk assessment, including:

Internal & External Vulenrabilities.png

Baseline Risk Assessment


Active & Passive Vulnerability Scans

Work Flow Analysis


control framework.png

Control Framework

vendor analysis.png

3rd Party and Cloud Vendor Evaluation


Technology Environment Audit


Website Scan

pen tests -updated.png

Penetration Testing

policies 1.png

Policy Development

What emerges from our comprehensive risk assessment is an

Executive Summary

An invaluable blueprint that will help you target, prioritize and address your vulnerabilities 

Common Compliance and Best Practices