CHOICE CYBERSECURITY is the all-in-one security
and compliance, self-paced learning and community
portal designed to increase your bottom-line income,
meet current and future customers’ needs, and build your company’s professional reputation all at the same time.


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With the CCS Security and Compliance Portal, you and your entire organization gain access to our proven, structured, recurrent-revenue process of

Plus, you and your employees can create and participate
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Membership Includes Total Portal Access
for Your Entire Organization

  • Proven effective security and compliance foundation training 

  • Confidence to sell a security and compliance process that has years of proven success

  • Training from internationally renowned subject matter experts

  • Unlimited access to the CCS learning management system (LMS) training

  • Branded marketing materials

  • Brochures, agreements, proposal templates, and more

  • Specific security and compliance training for over 20 vertical markets

  • 75+ content-rich security and compliance workspaces, conveniently categorized by topic

  •  LIVE Sales, Technical, and Business (1 each/month) training

  • Thoroughly researched, tested, and vetted products and MRR services

  •  Vendor training

  •  Video library of training and marketing tools