Partner with Choice CyberSecurity®
to turbo charge your MSP Business 


Shift into high gear at your own pace.


First Gear: start as a Risk Assessment Referral Partner

As a referral partner, CCS does all the driving. We handle the entire risk assessment process and results reporting. You collect the commissions.


Second Gear: become a Risk Assessment Marketing Partner

As a marketing partner, CCS is your pit crew. We provide all the tools and techniques you need to begin marketing risk assessments on your own, teach you how to gain traction with clients, and fuel your successes with comprehensive risk assessments and executive summaries.



Third Gear: grow into a Risk Assessment Provider Partner

As a provider, you’re in the driver’s seat. We teach you everything you need to go beyond selling CCS risk assessment services, and creating and selling your own risk assessments.

As an MSP partner, recieve FREE access to our
Revolutionary Seamless Training Portal

we provide you with all of the tools you need to sell security
and compliance services to your CUSTOMERS

As a Choice CyberSecurity® partner:

  • Your risk assessment capabilities are nothing less than world class.

  • You can use our exclusive, end-to-end process to identify the risks, gaps, and vulnerabilities your clients face.

  • You can present your clients with a comprehensive blue print for the highest possible level of risk-management protection.



The CCS risk assessment is the first—
and most important—way you can protect your
clients from all potential security and compliance threats.

Common Compliance and Best Practices 

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Our proven, structured, recurrent,
revenue-generating process for MSP’s