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Detect Compromised Credentials on the Dark Web

Proactively Detect Threats for Clients

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Easily roll out dark web monitoring services to all your clients

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With Choice Cybersecurity on your side, gain a significant advantage over your competition by delivering next-gen Dark Web scanning and monitoring services to quickly identify and mitigate security risks for clients.


Built for MSPs by an MSP

As a former MSP, we understand the issues you face. With the recent rise in cyber attacks and breaches, it’s important for MSPs to help protect their clients from malicious cyber attacks with a strong solution and ongoing monitoring.

Whether you’re talking to new prospects or roadmapping existing clients, you need real evidence to motivate your prospects and clients to spend more on security and compliance services to protect their business. We can help you provide that wake-up call to those clients who claim there’s no way they could be hacked. We’ll deliver overwhelming evidence that these threats are real.

Use our comprehensive services to assess vulnerabilities, discover compromised credentials, and provide actionable threat intelligence to help protect your clients’ information. An initial search of IP company domains and/or public IP addresses identifies if clients have compromised credentials and ongoing threat monitoring immediately notifies you and your clients when a risk is detected, allowing for lightning fast countermeasures.



Credential Search

Comprehensive discovery of:
  • Company domains
  • User email addresses
  • User passwords
  • Public IP addresses
  • Source of Breaches
  • Compromised Credential
  • Reports


Darkweb Service

Build Monthly Recurring Revenue:
  • Automated Alerts
  • Multi Domain Portal
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Threat Inteilligence Feed
  • In-depth Reporting

Threat Intelligence

Stay Informed

High value threat intelligence that delivers:
  • Client Specific Investigations
  • Compromised Data
  • Bad Actor Attributes
  • Deep Targeted Intelligence
  • Data on Latest Trends
  • New Threat Feeds Daily
  • Billions of Searchable Records

Product Descriptions

Subscription Option
Base Product
  • Unlimited
    • Domains
    • Public IP Address Lookups
  • Dark Web as a Service
    • 5 Real-time Domain Watch List
  • Monthly Subscription Service
Dark Web as a Service
  • Real-time Domain Watch-List for (x amount) of clients to include:
    • All Client Domains
    • All Client Public IPs
  • Includes Base Product
  • Monthly Subscription Service
Add Domains
  • Add additional domains to the Real-time Domain watch list
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Sold a la carte
Add Public IPs
  • Add additional IPs to the Real-time Domain watch list
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Sold a la carte


Subscription Option

Monthly Price

Base Product


Dark Web as a Service: 50 Clients


Dark Web as a Service: 100 Clients


Dark Web as a Service: 250 Clients


Note: All subscription services are invoiced 1 month in advance and on a month-to-month basis

Additional Charges

Add 10 Domains


Add 10 Public IPs