Generate monthly reoccurring revenue by bringing your clients
up to an acceptable level of risk.

In our rapidly changing world, a proactive approach is the key to sustained profitability.


Internet Security and Regulatory Compliance Is

#1 on Every Customer “To-Do” List

With Choice Cybersecurity® security and compliance is now in your wheelhouse


The Demand for Security and Compliance in the SMB space is Exploding.

Choice Cybersecurity has the approach that mitigates risk, increases
your bottom line and satisfies your customers' needs.

Effective, Seemless Training & Resources

An all-inclusive solution to instill a culture of security and compliance throughout you organization

  • Access to Vetted Products and Services
  • Vendor Training and Resources
  • New Monthly Recurring Revenue Services
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Community forums and discussions
  • Monthly LIVE Training Events
  • Access to continuous monthly online business
    and technical training
  • 8 Step Marketing Kit complete with brand able brochures and proposal templates

Happy Customers Mean a Successful Business

But how does an MSP make their customers happy?

By utilizing a proactive approach that prevents reactive situation
By perfecting the art of the risk assessment
By creating a preventative security environment
By delving deeper into security & compliance than any other MSP