Help Clients Get the Maryland CyberSecurity Tax Credit—BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

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Join us for an informative session on the MD Tax Credit and our turnkey services, presented by your friends from Choice CyberSecurity!


Thursday May 23,
at 2:00PM EST

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Looking to learn more about the Maryland Cyber Security Tax Credit?



Learn How Easy It Can Be to Get Clients a 50% Tax Rebate For Your Security and Compliance Services!


Choice Provides What You Need to Grow Your Practice:

  • Generate endless new projects and recurring revenue streams.

  • Gain competitive advantage with industry-leading risk assessments, remediation, and ongoing services.

  • Keep client relationships safe and secure.

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Leading Expert in Security and Compliance Solutions

Learn from industry expert, Steve Rutkovitz, about why it is so important to offer Security and Compliance Services!


Get a better understanding of the Security and Compliance Industry and its marketing potential

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