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Industry-leading Risk Assessments

New Remediation Projects

Ongoing Proactive Services

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All without any more work on your part!


Common Compliance and Best Practices

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Having been an MSP, we understand the issues you face.

Choice CyberSecurity is here to help you build recurring cybersecurity services for your clients with a proven method and repeatable process.

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Evaluate Gaps and Vulnerabilities

A clear, 360° view of your clients’ risks and gaps



Build defenses against security threats

Over 25 additional security layers to provide to your clients



Ongoing Proactive Services

Over 12 Monthly Recurring Revenue services offerings


"Choice CyberSecurity helped us take a small, low-revenue client from on-demand break/fix services to a 30K project and 2K per month ongoing maintenance and monitoring services.

They helped package and sell cybersecurity, partnered to provide services, and gave us the confidence to reach out for more security business with them backing us up. I strongly recommend them!"

Scott Hirschfield, President, CTAccess