Frequently Asked Questions about Choice Cybersecurity

Is Choice Cybersecurity a partner?

Absolutely! We want you to provide the best possible services for your clients. It’s as simple as that. We know that clients are constantly seeking security and compliance services, but not every MSP has the workforce or capabilities to provide these services on their own. A partnership with Choice Cybersecurity means that we fill in those gaps, no matter how big they are. It’s a peace-of-mind all too rare in this industry.

Why is this such a crucial business in our modern world?

Providing IT services to clients means that you are protecting their networks and sensitive data. A security breach happening under your watch means the buck stops with you. Unhappy (or worse) clients will come looking for answers as to how this could have happened. Now if you could eliminate those vulnerabilities before they happen and ensure the continued safety of your clients’ data you will become a trusted source throughout the industry. If you could do all that while also turning it into an opportunity to increase monthly profits, then you’ve put your MSP head and shoulders above the competition.

Speaking of competition: if I partner with your company can I be sure my clients are safe from competition?

The first thing we do in a partnership is provide a non-compete. Although Choice Cybersecurity was at one time an MSP, we have since taken that experience and become an education and coaching portal in service to MSP’s. We are here to help you help your customer. That is our purpose.

How much can we really make?

It is entirely in your hands, but the typical first year target is a revenue increase of 25%, which is expected to then grow each quarter. Our business model combines projects with recurring revenue services. Which means it is very similar to your current business model, so it will build proportionate to MSP services over time.