Dynamic Executive Assistant Needed to Support CEO!

Reports directly to: Owner/CEO

Hours: Approx. 20+ Hours per week

Location: Estimated 3 days/week in the office and flexible “work from home” schedule


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General Responsibilities

Provide general administrative support for the CEO/Owner, ensuring that he is free to pursue those tasks that optimize his productivity and efficiency. While detailed duties are listed below, the day-to-day working relationship with the CEO will be determined and continuously modified as needs require.  You will be instrumental in the success of this new and exciting company!

Specific duties

  1. Maintain and coordinate the CEO’s calendar (probably in electronic format). Set up appointments, provide an email each morning to the CEO indicating that day’s schedule of meetings and phone calls as well as a current forward-looking view of the schedule for the current week.
  2. Manage the electronic Customer Resource Management (CRM) system (e.g., Hubspot). Add/maintain contact information, enter customer activity (records of meetings, phone calls, etc.), and upload relevant documents (i.e., proposals, quotes, contracts, etc.) on a timely basis.
  3. Organize office relations such as maintenance correspondence, document management, supply purchases, and distribution of the physical mail from company mailbox
  4. Coordinate general email activity at the request and direction of the CEO; include notifying the CEO of incoming emails and providing responses at the direction of the CEO; compose effective emails to clients and sponsors
  5. Coordinate customer-facing email campaigns utilizing software designed to facilitate such activity (e.g. Mail Chimp); provide information to the CEO regarding responses; coordinate follow-up communications at the direction of the CEO
  6. Become proficient in the use of Mavenlink, the current Project Management tool utilized by Choice Cybersecurity and assist the CEO in its use
  7. Prepare various business reports as required using MS Word and MS Excel
  8. Manage various Social Media tools (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  9. Provide support to other CCS personnel as directed by CEO
  10. Other tasks and duties not listed above, but that are consistent with the support role defined throughout.


  • Excellent verbal and writing skills that will enable effective communication with clients and sponsors
  • Experience with MS Office products (Word and Excel); PowerPoint experience will be helpful
  • The personality and flexibility to adapt easily to a changing and rapidly moving work environment

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Send Resumes and Inquiries to   info@choicecybersecurity.com