In light of the recent uptick of cyber breaches and attacks, we know MSPs are looking for the most effective ways to protect their clients from having their information from cyber criminals. That’s why we are offering a Dark Web Scan that combs the darker side of the internet for your client’s personally identifiable information, including name, email, breach of origin, and passwords.


Our Dark Web Scan offers the following benefits:


Real Time Alerting

iconmonstr-safe-1-240 (1).png

Actionable Security Intelligence


Rapid Response


Advanced Warning of Targeted Threats


Identifies and Mitigates Network Security Attacks


And unlike other scans available, Choice Cybersecurity offers a self-service portal for MSPs to ensure the continual digital health and safety of their clients. This includes domain searches for stolen credentials as well as the ability to build an MRR with a real time watch list for domains and IP addresses.

Options for MRR for MSPs are varied, so you can choose the best possible option and coverage for your clients.

Our Pricing Model is Simple:

Dark Web Scan Pricing.png

And in case you’re unfamiliar with how to implement the Dark Web Scan, we also offer software implementation (one month with the portal) and three group coaching sessions at an affordable cost.

Choice Cybersecurity’s unique Dark Web Scan gives you the full picture into your client’s digital safety.