The Right Security Starts with a Risk Assessment

The Right Security Starts with a Risk Assessment

All MSPs know that their clients have a certain amount of risk associated with theirinfrastructure and data. Of course, their clients may not know that a risk assessment is worth the cost. They may be wondering why they should pay money to be told what they already know on a higher level: that their business is in danger.

At its core, a risk assessment examines how an organization handles information and identifies weaknesses and vulnerabilities in its existing framework. Most companies have unstructured sensitive data, holes, and misconfigurations in their security that, if exploited, could entail huge legal and financial consequences. Furthermore, international, federal, and state compliance laws, as well as best practices, including NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27001, require ongoing risk assessments.

Risk assessments help your clients understand what their security and financial risk is in terms of dollars and cents, as well as how to fix this risk so they don’t break the bank to alleviate a data breach down the road.

Remediating Critical Vulnerabilities

Security is a big concern in the digital age—99% of companies have critical vulnerabilities. Since risk areas are constantly evolving, your clients can’t begin to make meaningful changes to their infrastructure until they know exactly what their problems are. In this case, a risk assessment is the only way to get a comprehensive look at an organization’s security.

A risk assessment is the backbone for creating the rest of your client’s security layers and projects. It makes remediation as painless as possible by evaluating your client’s current risk level and determining what needs to be done to get that security where it needs to be. In that regard, a risk assessment helps your customers move from security 1.0 to 2.0.

There is no single pinpoint solution available for a company; every organization needs a custom set of security measures built for them, ensuring that every angle is covered in its entirety. In other words, an in-depth, 360-degree view of the organization is absolutely essential to bringing your client up to an acceptable level of risk and protection and ensuring that they continue to meet that level of risk.

Practical and Affordable Solutions

In the long run, a risk assessment saves your client’s organization money. Not only can risk assessments help avert catastrophes that have huge financial implications, but they also ensure that your client’s infrastructure remains completely and continuously protected.

By identifying problem areas and any existing redundancies, a risk assessment allows remediation to be performed with surgical precision, by both cutting out unneeded redundancies and filling in any gaps. An MSP would be no better off addressing issues without an assessment than a mechanic would beginning work on a car without diagnosing what exactly is wrong with it.

A comprehensive risk assessment outlines any areas of risk as well as the best ways to remediate those issues with practical and affordable solutions.

Maintain an Acceptable Level of Risk

Risk assessments provide your clients with comprehensive comparison reporting that proves they are maintaining an acceptable level of risk over time. In this regard, your clients can have peace of mind knowing that the routine maintenance they’re paying for is exactly what their company needs to secure their data on their whole network—both locally and in the cloud.

Furthermore, your clients will rest easy knowing that updates will only occur in response to newly developed technologies as risk constantly evolves, not as last-minute patches to existing security holes.

Choice Cybersecurity offers the most comprehensive risk assessment on the market, looking at every possible angle before putting it into a brief executive summary that outlines and prioritizes all potential avenues for data breaches. We pride ourselves in taking a complicated process and extracting the information you need in an easy-to-access format while maintaining a speedy turnaround time so that problems can be tackled as soon as possible.

Contact us today for more information on how you can partner with Choice to provide co-branded, advanced risk assessments to help protect your client’s business against cyber breaches and attacks.